Why is Rebel News involved in so many lawsuits?

Ezra Levant goes in-depth on why Rebel News is involved in so many lawsuits.

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If you're a regular watcher or reader of Rebel News, you've certainly seen some of the lawsuits we've been involved in. Suing regulators for access to the leaders' debates, suing police for arresting or abusing our reporters, suing thugs who try to censor our journalism, suing the government to try to end quarantine hotels.

But why is Rebel News involved in so many lawsuits?

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra gave a thorough explanation of why Rebel News is so frequently involved in litigation.

While referring to a current appeal over a conviction for breaking election campaign laws for publishing The Libranos, Ezra said:

You might say: 'Ezra look, the fine for publishing your book The Libranos was only $3,000. You sold thousands of copies of the book, why not just call that the cost of doing business and just pay the fine? Like literally, you are spending tens of thousands of dollars, it might turn into $100,000 by the time we're done, why are you spending $100,000 — it probably will be that much — to fight a $3,000 fine? That doesn't make any sense, what are you trying to make every lawyer in the country rich?' 

No. We have to fight on principle. It's not about the $3,000 — it's since when does the government interrogate authors about their books and criminalize books that are not registered with the government? And this is done with RCMP officers, 30-year veterans of the force.

Even if it was a $1 fine, don't you think we have to appeal? I learned yesterday, from the lawyers on the government side, that never in Canada's history has an author or a book or a promotion of a book been prosecuted in this manner. That's what they said. Under oath.

The government told our lawyer that this was the first time in history it was done.

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