Republican presidential primary rolls into the world's largest truck stop, Iowa 80

Ezra Levant checks in from Iowa 80, the world's largest truck stop, where Republican presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy plans to deliver a speech focusing on the trucking industry.

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We're here in Iowa, and as you can see in our video, there is row upon row of trucks behind us. The sound of diesel engines idling behind us, it's the sound of power — and it's the sound of freedom.

We're visiting Iowa 80, which calls itself the largest truck stop in the world — and it has to be, I can't imagine a bigger truck stop existing. It's a unique place, there's so many different gas stations and restaurants and motels.

There's a sort of truck superstore — which has everything a trucker could possibly need, from fancy lights to sleeping mattresses to tires. There's also a trucker museum that is astonishingly large and comprehensive, but also has free entry. The people here were all very nice to us, and it seemed like they had just about every conceivable type of truck you could imagine.

Here in Walcott, Iowa, which was a community built by the Moon family dating back to 1964, it certainly seems like we're in the golden age of trucking.

Now, the reason we're here is not just because we support truckers, like the ones who helped liberate Canada from COVID-19 public health tyranny. But I was invited to attend a trucker rally held by one of the U.S. presidential primary candidates, Vivek Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy has really been the winner of so many of the debates. He's got a bit of Donald Trump in him, and it's interesting to watch.

Anyways, he invited me out of the blue to come to his trucker rally, and I thought: why not? So we travelled to Chicago and drove down here, where he'll host his event, one of seven on his schedule today in Iowa.

He's barnstorming the state, as other primary contenders are, because Iowa is a very early indicator of support. If you do well in Iowa and New Hampshire, you can attract a lot of attention, which means more donors, money and media buzz.

And, of course, if you don't do well, you drop out pretty quick. 

Iowa is a very midwestern place; it has a lot of small town, very conservative sensibilities. And it's here where Ramaswamy intends to launch his trucking plan.

His event will be livestreamed tonight, and we'll have a chance to have a one-on-one interview with him afterwards.

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