SHAME ON SHANDRO: Rebel News sends billboard truck around Alberta to shame lockdown cheaters

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Alberta's Minister of Health Tyler Shandro has been busy locking up pastors while not following the rules himself. 

Pastor Tim Stephens is still in jail. His family is without their husband and father. A congregation is without their shepherd. This isn’t the first time he has been locked away either, and in both instances the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has insisted that the arrests have been illegal. The heart-wrenching videos of both arrests made international news. 

Many more have suffered at the hands of government officials like Shandro, who violate their own COVID restrictions without consequence, as evidenced by the Sky Palace debacle. The double standards are shameful.

So Rebel News rented a jumbotron truck to make sure all Albertans would know about Shandro's hypocrisy. 

In this clip from the DAILY LivestreamDavid Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid discuss the current state of Alberta and how disgraceful these lockdown dictators are.

If you want to see Shandro and his buddies held accountable, consider making a donation so we can get the billboard truck touring the province. Who knows, maybe we can even visit some of the other Sky Palace hypocrites with billboard trucks of their own. 

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  • By Adam Soos

Shame on Shandro

$18,600.00 Raised
Goal: $20,000.00


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