Sheila Gunn Reid: ‘Disagreeing with Justin Trudeau is not illegal’

Guest host Sheila Gunn Reid spoke about how the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) whined that the police won't take their frivolous hate complaints seriously.

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The internal memos, detailing communications between the Heritage Ministry and the CAHN, indicate police forces were all but ignoring the complaints of hateful conduct online that the organization was granted $268,400 to submit.

"The Canadian anti-hate network is a bunch of failures, tattletales and tone pleasers," said Sheila. "You probably already knew that if you paid close attention to rebel news reporting, but it wouldn't be so bad. Except you pay these people to troll the internet for fake Nazis through government grants dished out by the Heritage Ministry. And I've got an update to what they've been doing with that very specific grant money and the supply of fake Nazi larpers on the Internet never, ever rises to meet the demand."

Sheila continued:

The left seems to have four fake Nazi larpers on the Internet, but it is true. Justin Trudeau plays these insufferable social media social justice hall monitors with taxpayer money to compile intel and dossiers on Trudeau's critics, to then use the intel dossiers to label Trudeau's critics as hate organizations. Sometimes these people end up on a terrorism watch list.

The Canadian anti-hate network will also find inconsequential people on the fringes of any anti Trudeau movement to use those inconsequential individuals as an example by which to take the whole group. Through press releases, media appearances and reports, the anti-hate network, well, they're touted as experts on hate groups, apropos of almost nothing except their own declarations of expertize. But I think the phone call about who and what is the hate group, well, that might be coming from inside the house, as they say.

Looking back, Sheila mentioned that Rebel News did report on this story back in 2021 after receiving evidence through access to information filings from the Heritage Ministry. For more information on page six of these 2021 Heritage Ministry documents, we can see the government exempted the Canadian anti-hate network from having to provide an annual financial statement because they were just so, quote, 'new.'

However, they were founded in March 2018 as a way past the normal one year rule for this kind of stuff. On page 17, we can see that the Canadian anti-hate network got $268,400 from the government, and we can see what they got that money for. Two pages later on page 19, they used it to hire four new staff to spend their time filing police complaints against groups they are monitoring.

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