Shocking Liberal defeat in Toronto byelection spells trouble for Trudeau

'If I were a Liberal MP or a Liberal cabinet minister even, from almost anywhere, I would be terrified right now,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the Liberals stunning byelection loss in Toronto-St.Paul's this week in a seat they had held for over 30 years.

Conservative candidate Don Stewart beat out Liberal candidate Leslie Church by just 590 votes to hand the Liberals their first loss in the district since 1993.

Critics of the prime minister say the byelection loss in the former Liberal stronghold is evidence that the Liberals will not be able to remain competitive against the Conservatives with Justin Trudeau at the helm.

Speaking about the possibility of Trudeau resigning, Ezra said, "I'm starting to think that he won't quit. Now I think that there's a lot of reasons for him to quit."

"He has been repudiated by voters. He has led the country into disaster. No one believes him. People laugh at him. They're not even noticing the things he does, no one trusts him anymore," he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland declared her continued support for Trudeau and claimed that he will lead the party into the next election.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller also pledged to continue supporting Trudeau and said the prime minister should not step down after the byelection loss. Miller did concede that it might be time for some Liberals to "give our heads a shake," according to the CBC.

However, two former Liberal cabinet ministers publicly stated after the byelection loss that they think it's time for Trudeau to resign. Both John Manley and Wayne Easter echoed the sentiment that the byelection loss is evidence that the federal Liberals cannot succeed under Trudeau.

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