SickKids justifies high rates of vaccine-related myocarditis by leaning on unrelated studies

Where is the data to confirm that myocarditis occurs more often after natural infection than after injection?

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The hypocrisy involved in the COVID response continues with institutions at the forefront.

In this interview, financial investor and data analyst Kelly Brown and I discuss the concerning studies referenced by the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), in their e-mail response to me from a previous report. The Science™ being used to rationalize the injections for children and youth appears to be more simply a top-down following of orders without hesitation, even if the cure is showing in real time to cause harm.

The original report came about when the CEO of SickKids, Dr. Ronald Cohn confirmed that the prestigious children’s hospital opened a special clinic to respond to myocarditis incidences in children. But then senior communications advisor, Sarah Warr, for his institution responded saying that no such clinic existed.

Included in that e-mail, Warr reiterated that myocarditis events are far more common after natural COVID infection than after receiving a COVID vaccine. She sources a study published in the Nature Journal and another study by the CDC.

But Kelly notes that the original Nature study did not break down the incidences by age and sex. Two weeks later, when the authors did age and sex stratify this data, they found that myocarditis incidences superseded natural infection incidences primarily in males under the age of forty after their second dose of mRNA biologics.

Kelly clarifies that the CDC study referenced does not included any vaccine related myocarditis cases, so it has next to nothing to do with my ask – where is the data to confirm that myocarditis occurs more often after natural infection than after injection?

The saga continues as Health Canada takes a 365 day extension to my Access to Information Request asking for the qualitative calculation of risk versus benefit used to justify the roll out of COVID injections for youth aged 12-17.

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