Socialist activists chase Democrat Senator into bathroom

A group of far-left activists chased Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema into a bathroom to criticize her for not supporting the so-called Build Back Better bill.

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Far-left activists have been pushing a pair of Democrat senators into signing President Joe Biden's massive infrastructure bill, the so-called Build Back Better bill. One of the targeted individuals, Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema, was even followed into a bathroom where activists continued to criticize the senator for her lack of support for the $3.5-trillion bill.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared his thoughts on this embarrassing (and illegal) act:

She's a woman, she's young for a senator, she used to be in the Green Party, she's bisexual. I mean, that's a pretty good hand if you're playing woke poker, but she's surprisingly independent minded — which maybe shouldn't be so surprising — and she doesn't really want to go along with the most aggressive spending and regulatory bill in American history...

So some Democratic Party activists with this front group LUCHA, they know that Senator Sinema also teaches a course at university. She doesn't do it for the money, obviously. She doesn't do it for the fame or the power, she's a senator. She does it, I'm guessing, because she loves to teach. It connects her with her community, with young people. It's a form of public service. Isn't it neat?

Well, some LUCHA activists, including an illegal immigrant, who is illegally in America — let me repeat, illegal — well they decided to stalk her, chase her, hound her and follow her right into the bathroom.

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