Spain wants women to go topless to 'fight discrimination'

The executive director for the Catalan’s Women Institute hopes the campaign will 'stamp out gender-based discrimination.'

Spain wants women to go topless to 'fight discrimination'
Source / New York Post
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Do you believe that there is a double standard between genders? Specifically, as it pertains to a man’s right to go topless. According to Catalan authorities, there is.

The Telegraph reports that following complaints from two women who were told to cover their breasts at a public pool, “the Catalan regional authorities launched a campaign to support women’s right to bare their breasts.”

The goal is to end the sexualization of women, so naturally, the ad campaign, produced by Catalonia’s Department of Equity and Feminism, features topless men and women.

One ad is of a man that reads: “This nipple is free,” followed by a photo of a topless woman with her hands covering her breasts with the text “this one is not” written across it.

The justification for the campaign, according to the Telegraph, is that women covering up their breasts is proof that sexualization “accompanies [women] all their lives.”

To prove they are even more inclusive, Spain’s equalities minister, Irene Montero, announced in July that “all new laws must be feminist” and the government launched its own campaign in an attempt to encourage plus-sized and elderly women to hit the beach.

New York Post writes that Neus Pociello, the executive director for the Catalan’s Women Institute, hopes the campaign will “stamp out gender-based discrimination,” claiming that “women should have the right to freedom of expression with their bodies.”

Currently in Spain, as reported by Daily Mail, women have the right to go topless on beaches, but at public pools it is up to local council.

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