NFL player promotes vaccine passport on Instagram: "I am so excited"

NFL player promotes vaccine passport on Instagram:
Instagram / sterlingshepar
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New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shephard recently promoted a "vaccine validation" health pass on his Instagram page, posting a photo of himself presumably using the "Clear health pass," an app that tracks vaccination status, lab results and health surveys.

"When able to travel again, I am so excited to have my vaccine validation in one place digitally so that I can access on the go with @clear health pass, to make traveling as easy and safe as possible. ✈️ Enrollment is available now and you’ll be notified once you can connect your vaccine to the app. Easy as that. #GetReady#GetClear," Sterling captioned the photo.

Comments on the post have been disabled.

The "health pass" by Clear claims to provide the following:

  • Vaccine validation: "After you have received the COVID-19 vaccine, simply link to your healthcare account to confirm your vaccine records in a secure, verifiable and privacy-preserving way."
  • Integrated lab results: "Easily integrate your latest COVID-19 lab result with access to over 30,000 labs. Just complete a one-time account link between your CLEAR and lab account."
  • Health surveys: "Take a real-time health survey to screen for possible symptoms and determine if you may be at risk."

The type of actions such an application would take if a person inputs coronavirus symptoms remains unclear.

The website also lists "Clear Plus Membership" as a way to access "Clear Airport Lanes," which are alleged to be safe, touch-less pathways to flights.

Current partners with the health pass program listed on Clear's website include: Los Angeles Football Club (Major League Soccer), Detroit Tigers (Major League Baseball), Little Caesars Arena (Detroit, Michigan), Seattle Sounders F.C. (Major League Soccer), Union Square Hospitality Group and even the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

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