“Stop treating us like we're walking viruses”: protesters risk $1,200 fines in Whitecourt, Alberta

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Last weekend we checked in on the All Fired Up For Freedom protest in Whitecourt, Alberta.

Benita Pedersen, the MC of these events, is one of the hundreds of people we are helping fight their lockdown tickets through www.FightTheFines.com, at no cost to her. Despite being issued thousands of dollars in COVID fines, with new tickets issued to her nearly every weekend, Benita travels happily up and down Alberta, giving people a place to show up and express their displeasure and disgust with the province's lockdowns on civil liberties.

The lockdown in Alberta restricts outdoor gatherings to just 10 people, however, hundreds routinely show up to Benita’s events, each one also risking a lockdown ticket to express their human right to protest the government’s policies. Rebel News was there, two hours north of Edmonton, to ask the rally goers why they would risk a fine to protest the lockdown, what message they have for UCP Premier Jason Kenney, and what Benita is up to next.

If you have received a lockdown ticket, don’t pay it. Let’s fight it. Plead not guilty and send it to Rebel News at our special civil liberties initiative, www.FightTheFines.com. If we think we can help, we will put you in touch with a top litigation specialist for free to fight your ticket in court.

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  • By David Menzies

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