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With lockdowns beginning to lift — for now, at least — across much of Canada, a new civil liberties battle is on the horizon: vaccine passports. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he'll leave the decision of domestic vaccine passports in the hands of provinces, but implied they'll be necessary for travel.

In Manitoba, the vaccine passport is already in use; in Quebec, there are expectations that a vaccine passport system will be introduced this fall; in Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney has resisted the idea of vaccine passports, yet the province's signature event, the Calgary Stampede, featured a type of vaccine passport at one of its feature attractions. The circumstances in Ontario are similar, with Premier Doug Ford speaking against vaccine passports, yet some businesses are calling for their implementation, while one of the province's colleges has implemented a system of its own.

On last night's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra explained what Rebel News is going to do about this encroachment on the forced disclosure of private medical history.

First, Rebel is going to keep telling the other side of the story, “from the freedom perspective — not the lockdownist, big pharma/government perspective.”

Second, Ezra introduced a new petition that Rebel News is launching, with the most lofty goal yet: 200,000 signees, at NoVaxPassports.ca. Can we get there? We'll need your help.

Third, Rebel is “going to try to find a test case to challenge the legality of these vax passports from a privacy and human rights point of view.”

Are you interested? Go to NoVaxPassports.ca and sign your name — this could be the big struggle of 2021.

The full monologue, and full episode of The Ezra Levant Show, are available to subscribers of RebelNews+.

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PETITION: No Vaccine Passports

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