Tasmanian Archbishop faces legal probe over letter calling out woke transgender lobby

Archbishop Julian Porteous could potentially face legal prosecution over a letter he wrote to Catholic school students statewide.

Tasmanian Archbishop faces legal probe over letter calling out woke transgender lobby
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Archbishop Julian Porteous of Tasmania is under scrutiny for a letter he penned and distributed to Catholic school students across the state.

The letter, labelled "transphobic and homophobic" by LGBTQ+ activists, condemned various societal issues including abortion, assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, and what he referred to as the "woke" movement.

Porteous expressed concern over the imposition of ideological positions through legislation, particularly regarding social and moral questions.

He noted a trend over the past few decades towards challenging traditional Christian views on sex and sexuality, culminating in the legalisation of same-sex marriage in 2017.

Read the letter:

Independent Tasmanian MP Kristie Johnston, whose child attends a Catholic school, raised concerns about the letter potentially breaching anti-discrimination laws in Tasmania.

She rebuked the Archbishop's words as "nothing short of hateful speech," particularly given the government funding received by Catholic schools. Porteous defended his stance, asserting that parents dissatisfied with the Catholic ethos of the schools are free to seek alternative education for their children.

Tasmanian Greens parliamentary leader Rosalie Woodruff condemned the letter, stating it "clearly violates anti-discrimination laws."

She indicated that further action would be considered in response to what she perceives as a breach of legal standards.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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