Ted Cruz blasts Democrats after controversial voting act fails to pass Senate

Ted Cruz blasts Democrats after controversial voting act fails to pass Senate
AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner
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Republican Senator Ted Cruz blasted Democrats after the failure of “For the People Act” which would have overhauled U.S. elections, saying the bill was similar to Jim Crow laws.

“We’ve heard the Senate Majority Leader invoke in booming terms specters from our sorry history of racial discrimination in the past,” Cruz said. “The Senate Majority Leader has used the phrase Jim Crow 2.0 repeatedly, as has the President of the United States, as has the Vice President of the United States, deliberately inflaming racial tensions, suggesting that laws, common sense voter integrity laws in states like Georgia and Texas, things like requiring voter ID or requiring signature verification and absentee ballots are somehow a modern manifestation of Jim Crow.”

“That is a grotesque lie, and Mr. President, the majority leader knows that,” Cruz continued. “The President of the United States knows that. The Vice President of the United States. They know they’re lying. But ironically, they’ve inadvertently said something that is accurate about this piece of legislation. Jim Crow legislation was grotesque and ugly. It was legislation that was drafted without exception by Democratic politicians. Jim Crow was written by Democratic politicians, and its purpose, when the Jim Crow laws were written, were to prevent the voters from ever voting out of office Democratic politicians. One of the ugliest chapters of our nation’s history. And thankfully, we repudiated Jim Crow.”

“Well, the majority leader used the phrase Jim Crow 2.0 and inadvertently he’s right, but not about what he’s describing,” Cruz concluded. “He’s right about the ‘Corrupt Politicians Act.’ The ‘Corrupt Politicians Act’ follows the exact same pattern that Jim Crow did. It is partisan legislation written by elected Democrats, designed to keep elected Democrats in office and to steal the right to vote from the citizenry to decide on somebody else.”

Cruz closed by saying, “We the people have sovereignty, and this bill, the ‘Corrupt Politicians Act’ was designed to take that power from the people and give it to the politicians in Washington. Today was a victory. It was a victory for the American people, a victory for democracy. It was a victory for the Constitution and a victory for the rule of law.”

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  • By David Menzies

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