The CBC, Wendy Mesley and the N-word scandal

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In case you haven't been getting a steady dose of state-sponsored journalism recently, it's entirely possible that you missed a big piece of news: a staple of CBC's news broadcasts, Wendy Mesley, has retired. The veteran broadcaster decided to hang up the microphone after 38 years, but not without controversy. Before her retirement, Mesley made headlines for a pair of incidents where she was reported to have used a derogatory term for black individuals, including in one instance around a black CBC employee.

Now, after retiring, Mesley took an opportunity to talk about the CBC's problem with racism in an opinion piece written for the Globe and Mail.

Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra responded to the claims Mesley made in her Globe piece.

While Mesley attempted to paint herself as a scapegoat for the problems of racism at the CBC, Ezra had a slightly different view of the situation:

You were the CBC's problem. I don't think there was anyone else on that senior rank strutting around the CBC just dropping those swears. Who talks that way? Unbelievable, “their” problem. I want to take you through the article, it's an incredible insight into Wendy Mesley's mind, but it's also incredible that the Globe and Mailpublished this.

My favourite part is the first line: Wendy Mesley is an award-winning broadcast journalist.

Yeah... um... If you say so. But I think she's known for something else now. Just incredible.

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