The IRGC terrorist group is FINALLY recognized as a… terrorist group!

Odd how just asking a question to Freeland about the IRGC was an arrest-able offence just 6 months ago…

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Like a broken clock that is correct precisely twice a day, the Justin Trudeau Liberals FINALLY did the right thing by designating Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terror group earlier this week.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but, really, what the hell took so long? The IRGC literally has Canadian blood on its hands. Lot’s of it.

Back in January 2020, the IRGC blew a Ukrainian commercial airliner out of the sky with two surface-to-air missiles. All 176 people onboard died, including 55 Canadians and 30 permanent residents of Canada. And the Trudeau Liberals? They inexplicably shrugged. Stuff happens, eh?

Do you think there might be some Iranian interference going on behind the scenes with the Trudeau Liberals? Heck, we know that the Liberal MP for the riding of Richmond Hill. Majid Jowhari, is a supporter if the Iranian regime.

Majid lives in a very nice house, by the way, and we know the mullahs in Tehran are flush with billions of dollars of oil wealth. That’s due to the Biden administration declining to enforce the sanctions against Iran that Donald Trump brought in.

And so it is that this Islamo-facsist state is flush with moolah to spend on… well, their IRGC thugs… and Hamas… and Hezbollah… and the Houthis… Anyone picking up a trend here when it comes to the ayatollahs going on a spending spree? Incidentally, the campaign to label the IRGC as a terror group goes back to 2018. MPs and senators form all parties wanted this done.

So it was that the House of Commons approved a non-binding Conservative motion to declare the IRGC a terrorist entity – a full two years before the Ukrainian airliner was shot down. Then, finally, last month MPs from all parties voted 327-0 in favour of declaring the IRGC a terror group. On Wednesday it was made official.

It’s baffling it took so long. Apparently Trudeau thought designating the Proud Boys as a terror group was a more pressing concern… In any event, Rebel News reporter David Menzies has some skin in the game vis-à-vis the IRGC. Because as many of you know, back in January, Menzies was assaulted and arrested by Uncle Fester, a.k.a., Greg Dumouchel, of the RCMP for having the temerity to ask Fraulein Freeland why the IRGC wasn’t labelled as a terrorist organization.

So, isn’t this turn of events downright fascinating? Asking the Deputy PM a perfectly valid question about the IRGC was tantamount to committing an arrest-able offence back in January… but here we are just six months later and this terrorist group is officially labelled as a... terrorist group? Fancy that. By the way, we’re suing the government and the RCMP for their Gestapo-like actions. 

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