The truth about U.K. air travel reduction

Stansted airport told Rebel News that they are currently running at approximately 90% of pre-pandemic volumes, and has been the fastest recovering major U.K. airport.

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I am outside Stansted Airport where it seems to be the only London airport that is adding flights to its roster. Other major U.K. airports such as Heathrow are looking to scrap around 10,000 flights this coming winter, some say it’s due to job cuts, others are saying its trouble with baggage and others are saying it’s to minimise disruption, or is it something else?

Stansted airport told Rebel News in a statement: 

Stansted is currently running at approximately 90% of pre-pandemic volumes, and has been the fastest recovering major U.K. airport.

But the story isn’t the same elsewhere. British Airways are set to cut around 10,000 flights this winter at Heathrow airport, explaining that the move is aimed at minimising disruption over the winter. The flagship airline said that it was "protecting key holiday destinations over half-term."

That doesn’t sound like it’s protecting anything and actually causing more disruption.

Heathrow released a document that every person with an internet connection can view online titled "Target Net Zero, Heathrow’s plan for the critical decade ahead."

Heathrow outlined:

This plan will see Heathrow achieve net zero-carbon across our airport infrastructure as soon as possible. we’re working towards zero-carbon by the mid-2030s. We will develop a new approach to landing charges to help incentive airlines to switch to cleaner fuels and penalise those that don’t.

Just as Heathrow acts as a cornerstone of the whole UK economy, we will use our scale and influence to help accelerate de-carbonisation of industries across
the country.

It just so happens that British Airways is named the second biggest air polluter missing the top spot to its German competitor Lufthansa. So it's just a coincidence that the U.K.'s flagship airline is looking to reduce short and long-haul flights from the same airport that is planning on implementing this radical green agenda?

Is it such a coincidence that Gatwick airport and various other London airports have the same net zero by 2050 strategy. Gatwickairport alone has accelerated its strategy and plans to hit its targets by 2040?

Meanwhile in The Netherlands, Schipol airport which sees tens of thousands of passengers flying in from Britain each day, is openly admitting they are limiting their flights and downsizing to "curb climate change. The various airports net zero ambitions are backed by environmental organisations such as Greenpeace who are calling the decision a historic breakthrough.

Now, I’m no eco-warrior and whilst Stansted is looking to expand and increase its flights in response to these cuts, the questions to ask are: is this really due to airlines struggling to keep up with staffing demands? or is it to alleviate disruptions by cancelling flights? or is this simply another purposely designed move from the eco-warrior fat cats who want to stop you from travelling? 

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  • By Lewis Brackpool

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