The truth behind the rise in Canada’s gas prices with Aaron Gunn

‘The price of oil has been this high before, the difference this time is just how much higher gas taxes are,’ says Gunn.

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Is the war in Ukraine the primary reason for oil prices sky rocketing for Canadians?

On Wednesday I drove to a Vancouver gas station, which was charging close to $2 per litre to discuss the truth behind Canada’s rise in gas prices with political commentator, Executive Director of Common Sense BC, and producer of the documentary Why are Gas Prices so Ridiculously High?, Aaron Gunn. Gunn has been a long time advocate for Canadian taxpayers which includes sounding the alarm on inflation and spoiled resource opportunities for the country, and says there is a lot more to the story with the current price Canadians are paying for oil than what’s happening in the Ukraine.

“The price of oil has been this high before, the difference this time is just how much higher gas taxes are” says Gunn. Gas taxes are higher than ever in many provinces, especially in British Columbia, where gas prices have also reached as high as $2.16 per litre. With projections for gas prices to hit a record high, and Trudeau’s carbon tax to be up 350 per cent by the year 2030, it is clear that Canadians were going to be hit financially for driving even before the invasion of Ukraine.

According to Gunn, the combination of gas taxes British Columbians get hit to fuel up totals “over 70 cents per litre”. Yet unlike Alberta which has found ways to cut record high gas prices, Premier John Horgan, has made no such commitment for British Columbians.

Watch my full interview with Gunn, including his opinion on how Canada could offset the cost to Canadians by widely producing our own oil.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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