'There is chaos': New York migrant crisis worsening

A Venezuelan migrant described the chaos along the route to the U.S. border, while local residents were concerned over the number of migrants bused into their community.

'There is chaos': New York migrant crisis worsening
AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez
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New York has been struggling to deal with an influx of migrants following border states' decisions to send migrants to Democratic-led sanctuary cities. Rebel News reporters Alexa Lavoie and Lincoln Jay learned some shocking details after speaking to migrants and residents in New York City.

With Title 42, a policy being used since the COVID-era for border management, recently expiring the U.S. southern border has seen a massive influx of illegal asylum seekers.

One migrant in Manhattan who said he had come from Venezuela told Rebel News about the horrors along the route.

“There is chaos. Dead children, adults. There are mercenaries with weapons to rob and rape women,” he said of crossing the Darién Gap, the connecting point between North and South America at the Panama-Colombia border.

A resident in New York City's Coney Island neighbourhood told Rebel News how buses full of migrants were escorted by police, dropping off migrants who were eventually housed in a local school gymnasium. The woman, who said she has a child who attends the school, said she was told there were about 600 migrants staying at there, a number she thought was too low of an estimate. 

“They waited until people went to sleep, they snuck them in about maybe 5 a.m., maybe 3 a.m.,” she explained. “They were using only one bathroom, there's only one bathroom in that gym and it was thousands of them in there.”

Another local said the city should have consulted with residents before making this decision.

“They put this in place, they should have had a meeting with the neighbourhood, the people that live there, and let us know what's going on,” he told Rebel News. “We don't know who they're bringing in.”

Other migrants are housed in homeless shelters, with some apparently receiving documentation from the city's Department of Homeless Services.

You can follow our upcoming coverage from New York as the city and state deal with a migrant crisis, see our past reports, and help support our 100% viewer-funded journalism at MigrantReports.com.

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