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This is how you EXPOSE the biggest climate HYPOCRITES on the planet

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A week of "maximum disruption" to Melbourne's CBD by Extinction Rebellion has exposed the group as absolute hypocrites.

The extremist organisation claim to be fighting for climate justice and are a decentralised group with no one in charge.


  1. One of the organisers of last week's protests drives a cement truck for work.
  2. On Friday, they drove a diesel truck into the city to block a busy intersection. Cars were stuck in traffic for hours until police brought in another diesel truck to tow it.
  3. While pretending not to have a hierarchy, people are clearly in charge.

So I visited their camp to ask the tough questions, watch and share what happened next.

They also ran a "white privilege" workshop that had everyone confused, watch:

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  • By Ezra Levant


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