This is just gross...

An advertisement for an all-ages skinny-dipping club in the Toronto area is giving Sheila Gunn Reid the creeps.

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A poster advertising a skinny-dipping club in the Greater Toronto Area went viral last week, drawing criticism online for its apparent acceptance of minors and adults sharing spaces in the nude.

On Friday's Rebel Roundup livestream, host Sheila Gunn Reid reacted to the group's flyer, which featured a nude family advertising the group's upcoming clothing-free swimming session.

Because there already aren't enough strange groups affiliated with the Pride community, the GTA skinny dippers have attached themselves to the movement. This affiliation, Sheila said, acts like a shield and helps block criticism of the strange behaviour. 

"Smart move, guys. You put up the forcefield of being in the LGBTQ community [by] attaching yourself to Pride," Sheila said.

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