Tired of wokeness? Attendees, speakers at TPUSA event in Tampa share frustrations

Rebel News traveled to Tampa, Florida to speak to United States senators and House representatives as well as key speakers and high-profile journalists attending the Student Action Summit 2022, hosted by Turning Point USA.

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Rebel News spoke to Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, who talked about how many people have been starting to stand up to the woke ideology movement. “The moms, the students, the average person is just like, 'I'm not going to take this anymore. There are differences between men and women. We all known it. We've always known, and just because someone's screaming at me that I'm a transphobe doesn't make it true.'” Rubin told Rebel News.

Rebel News also spoke to Alex Clark, contributor for Turning Point USA. Clark showed enthusiasm to the impact that Turning Point USA is doing, as seen with all the people, including protesters, that showed up to the weekend conference.

“Turning Point USA & Turning Point Action are really making a mark with these events that even the Left is so riled up and so scared and so nervous about us being out here that they're out there protesting,” Clark told Rebel News.

James Lindsey also expressed enthusiasm over the growing scale of people attending the Turning Point conferences due to the increasing amount of people standing up against the woke movement. "It is incredibly important that this movement keep growing, keep getting informed, keep being clear and keep standing up against this to push us back in our society." Lindsey told Rebel News.

Kali Fontanilla, a teacher from California that exposed documents showing CRT programs being taught to kids in schools, expressed support for parents protesting the woke programs. “Parents that are standing up for their child's educations, you guys are heroes,” Fontanilla told Rebel News.

Gerald White, a business man combating wokeness with his clothing line, mentioned his frustrations with companies like Disney adopting these ideologies. “With Disney World, four days before we were set to leave on vacation, they came out and went woke. I had to make a statement, so I made a shirt that said God made man and woman,” White told Rebel News.


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