Toronto mayor breaks public gathering rules for photo op

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On Sunday, Italy faced off against England in the finals of Euro 2020, the year-delayed tournament to crown the champion of European soccer. Among those who went out to a recently reopened patio in Toronto was the mayor, John Tory.

Mayor Tory posted a series of pictures on his Twitter account, gleefully soaking up the atmosphere as Italy went on to claim the title in a penalty shootout.

While things may have seemed to be back to normal, Mayor Tory and the large, maskless crowd surrounding him were actually in contravention of the province's 25-person limit on outdoor public gatherings. More strangely, the purportedly health-conscious mayor shared an image not even 10 days earlier where he acknowledged Independence Day celebrations in the United States by posting a picture, masked and alone, next to an American flag.

On Monday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant criticized the hypocritical mayor for this blatant double standard, saying: 

He's got his mask on [in his Independence Day celebration photo], even though there's no one within 100 ft. of him. But there he was watching the soccer game, absolutely jam-packed streets, no mask on. The rules have not changed. They have not changed for public gatherings.

It's almost like he's applying the rules differently based on the politics of the moment. It's almost like it's got nothing to do with science, or medicine, or epidemiology, or anything — other than who he's courting and who he's not.

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