Tradie takes his own life after industry shut down in Melbourne

Tradie takes his own life after industry shut down in Melbourne
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Tragedy unfolded this morning as a construction worker is reported to have committed suicide.

The man took his own life after Premier Daniel Andrews announced a two-week closure of the construction industry.

It appears that he jumped from a building shortly after being ordered to down tools.

The body, which has not yet been identified, was found at Spencer St at 7am on the Crema Construction site.

Several sources have claimed that the incident was a suicide, not a workplace accident.

“Emergency services were called to the Spencer St address following the discovery of the man’s body sometime after 7am,” said a spokesperson for Victoria Police.

It is feared the suicide will inflame construction union protesters currently congregated outside Victorian State Parliament.

Many feel that the decision to shut the construction industry down was issued as a punishment against workers for protesting against the CFMEU on Monday.

“We’ve been clear: if you don’t follow the rules, we won’t hesitate to take action – we have seen widespread noncompliance across the industry and that’s why we’re taking necessary steps to protect every single Victorian. We put the industry on notice just a week ago, we have seen appalling behaviour on site and on our streets, and now we’re acting decisively and without hesitation,” said State Treasurer Tim Pallas.

Tradies were devastated to hear of the loss.

“Breaks my f***n heart. His blood is on Dan Andrews’ hands,” said one angry worker.

“Today we protest in your name and in your honour,” added another.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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