TRANS MANIFESTO: Covenant School shooter's private journal reveals disturbing obsessions

Newly obtained entries shed light on the shooter's mental state and potential motives, raising questions about the official narrative surrounding the attack.

TRANS MANIFESTO: Covenant School shooter's private journal reveals disturbing obsessions
AP Photo/George Walker IV, File
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In a shocking revelation, images from the private journal of the Covenant School shooter have been obtained, providing a disturbing glimpse into her mental state and potential motives for the horrific attack that took place in March 2023. The handwritten journal entries, hidden from the public for over a year, reveal the shooter's deep-seated anger and frustration over her gender identity, as well as her disdain for Christianity and her parents' alleged attempts to maintain religion in her life.

According to the Daily Wire, one of the most striking entries, titled "My Imaginary Penis," spans three pages and delves into the shooter's fixation on her desire to be a man. She expresses her hatred for her situation, writing, "I want to know what that's like, but I never will because I was damned to be born this way."

The journal entries also unveil the shooter's resentment towards her parents and their Christian faith, which she believed hindered her ability to change genders. She criticizes parents who force their children to attend youth groups and maintain Christian friendships, stating, "It's total ignorance when parents step in and try to change their child's environment."

Throughout the entries, the shooter describes living through the "torture of being raised a girl" and blames her mother and "people in this world" for not accepting her desire to change genders. She also attributes her emotional instability to her skin color, drawing connections between the concepts of the "brain," white privilege, and shame.

The release of these journal entries comes amidst a broader controversy surrounding the lack of transparency in the investigation into the Covenant School shooting. For over a year, there has been a near-total lockdown on materials related to the shooter, with only a few pages of her writings being released to the public.

This blackout appears to be due, in part, to an FBI memo warning Nashville police that releasing the shooter's writings could result in "false narratives" and "unintended consequences" for vulnerable populations.

Critics argue that the lack of transparency has only fueled speculation and hindered efforts to understand the shooter's motives and prevent similar tragedies in the future. The newly obtained journal entries suggest that the shooter's gender dysphoria and disdain for religion may have played a more significant role than previously acknowledged.

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  • By David Menzies

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