Trudeau confronted AGAIN by protesters in Montreal: 'FREE TAMARA!'

The prime minister was questioned in Outremont over his use of the Emergencies Act which squashed the peaceful Truckers for Freedom Convoy after returning from a short visit from a 'crowd of fans' at the Stampede in Calgary.

Trudeau confronted AGAIN by protesters in Montreal: 'FREE TAMARA!'
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Justin Trudeau, after attending several photo ops in Quebec, has been found at a restaurant in the residential borough of Outremont, a predominated Jewish neighborhood.

Rebel News’ Quebec-based reporter, Alexa Lavoie, was on the scene and began to document the crowd of protesters who began to ask questions of Trudeau.

Lavoie asks Trudeau from the sidewalk in French:

“Mr. Trudeau, what other agreement, besides the Known Travellers Digital Identity, have you signed with the World Economic Forum?”

The PM refrained from answering.

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An independent journalist from the area chimed in with his own questions to Trudeau:

“You preach to the whole wide world about freedoms, how come freedom fighters for the Convoy are still in jail? Why?”

Another lady in the crowd can be heard in the background shouting “Free Tamara! Free Tamara”

Tamara Lich was re-arrested in Medicine Hat, Alberta, for allegedly breaking her bail conditions by taking a three second photo with another convoy organizer while she received the George Jonas Freedom Award in early June. A justice of the peace has ruled for her to be to be held until July 14 for her bail hearing.

You can sign our petition to call on the government to stop persecuting peaceful protesters like Tamara at

After the initial questions were asked to Trudeau, Montreal's infamous SPVM arrived on the scene to protect the PM.

Alexa Lavoie asked one final question directly to Trudeau regarding new green policies that will severely affect Canadian farmers:

“Are you supporting the Dutch PM’s new farming regulations on nitrogen and carbon emission?”

Alexa quickly followed up with “Are you willing to trade your meal for bugs?”

The Dutch uprising taking place in the Netherlands currently began as part of overreaching net-zero climate policies (such as reducing nitrogen) being imposed on the farmers by the Klaus Schwab associate, Mark Rutte.

Protests throughout the country have popped up in resistance against the government.

You can see our reporters Lincoln Jay and Lewis Brackpool’s coverage from on the ground and donate toward their travel costs at

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