Trudeau 'Gatekeepers' are destroying construction sectors (Part 3)

Jocelyn Burzuik, CEO of Sundance Construction, shines light on multiple bureaucratic issues that she encountered during her current building project.

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This is the third and final report for now on CEO of Sundance Construction, Jocelyn Burzuik. This report is about the blatant bureaucratic problems that construction companies experience daily.

In the first report, Jocelyn describes the long journey that a constructor needs to experience for a subdivision to be approved.

In the second report, she explains the real nightmare that not only her, but her employees, clients, and her family have experienced since then.

This is what Justin Trudeau has stated in June 2021, when he made the announcement to the creation of 4,500 new affordable housing units across the country with an additional investment of $1.5 billion through the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI):

Canadians should not have to choose between paying their rent or eating. By continuing to make significant investments in affordable housing, we can create new jobs, grow the middle class and strengthen our communities. As we complete our fight against COVID-19, we will remain focused on the priorities of Canadians and build a stronger, more resilient country.

Almost two years later, affordable housing is still a burden of problems to Canadians. The number of new constructions doesn’t follow the demands.

But this housing crisis is caused directly by Mr. Trudeau’s Gatekeepers, who are making honest companies discouraged by endless bureaucracy to build houses, some of which are already promised.

This is a government that slows down rural development, even with a growing demand for housing and an influx of migrants who have no choice but to stay in hotels at taxpayers' expense or in shelters for the homeless. 

Trudeau’s bureaucracy creates substantial problems but many prefer to close their eyes on the subject.

In order to fight bankruptcy, some companies have to go to court in order to be able to bring their project to an end, and this is the case of Sundance Construction. A housing project in the Sandy Hook area in Manitoba, that turned into a nightmare and an economic sinkhole.

In this last episode, Jocelyn Burzuik, CEO of this company, explains the procedures that the company had to undergo and that they are still undergoing at the current time in order to get their subdivision of land approved.

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