Trudeau Liberals consider sending non-combat troops to Ukraine

Ezra Levant warns how dangerous comments from Defence Minister Bill Blair could put Canadian troops in harms way and potentially lead to World War Three.

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After French President Emmanuel Macron suggested he would consider sending soldiers to Ukraine, Liberal Defence Minister Bill Blair also refused to rule out the possibility.

Speaking with the Toronto Star, Blair said Canada was open to sending non-combat troops into the war-torn nation.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at how this dangerous idea could put Canadians directly in front of potential Russian attacks.

“What would Russia do if it saw Canadian troops in Ukraine when it was attacking an area?” he asked rhetorically. “If our soldiers in uniforms were halfway around the world in a warzone, what do you think Putin would do? Do you think he would show mercy?”

In response, Putin, speaking to Russian parliament, warned such a decision could escalate to nuclear war.

With Putin's comments and NATO troops being placed in harms way, this could lead to World War Three warned Ezra, who also wondered what benefit this brings Canada:

What happens if French troops, or Canadian troops, in Ukraine are attacked? Either on purpose or by accident, or not-knowingly by Russia — given that Russia is in a war there.

And not to be too conspiratorial, but wouldn't Ukraine to want that to happen in a kind of way? To commit Western to do the job that Ukraine's military is having an increasingly difficult time doing. 

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