Trudeau Liberals ordered plastic water bottles for Canadian embassy in China

Apparently, it's OK for well-paid Canadian diplomats stationed in China to use plastic bottles, despite the Liberals' attempts to ban plastic back home.

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After banning single-use plastics and professing to use "drink-box-water-bottle-sort-of-things" in his personal life, the prime minister's Foreign Affairs department is buying plastic water bottles for diplomats in the People's Republic of China.

The Merx solicitation for a supplier posted June 7 requires "Supply and Delivery of Bottled Water and Water Dispensers for the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China, and provide water dispensers for the bottled water."

Trudeau's comically announced ban on six types of single-use plastics, including cutlery, checkout bags, and straws, came into effect in 2022 as part of an effort to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030.

Convenient plastics were reclassified as Schedule One toxins, joining mercury, asbestos, and lead on the list. A recent court challenge, however, led by the province of Alberta resulted in the overturning of the ban. The Trudeau Liberals, of course, promise to appeal that ruling.

Data divulged by the government in the court challenge debunked the Liberals' supposed need for the ban, pointing out how, as the Fraser Institute explains:

99 percent of the country’s plastic waste is already disposed of safely through recycling, incinerating and environmentally-friendly landfills. Canada's contribution to global aquatic plastic pollution is estimated to be between 0.02 percent and 0.03 percent of the total, with nearly 90 percent of the pollution originating from Asia and Africa.

China — where you can still be Canadian and use single-use plastic — is the world's largest generator of plastic waste.

So, it looks like if we want to use plastic, we need to be a well-paid diplomat in China and not some average Canadian just wanting a plastic fork for our takeout salad.

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