Trudeau's justice minister tries to dodge accountability from Rebel News lawsuit

'It was Lametti who wrote a private text message talking about sending out military tanks to confront the truckers.'

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I just got out of a four-hour court hearing. Rebel News is suing David Lametti, the former Trudeau justice minister. He resigned in disgrace shortly after the Federal Court ruled that the invocation of the Emergencies Act, which was done on his watch, was illegal and unconstitutional.

As he tried to sneak out the door, we discovered that he was deleting his public records (in particular, his official ministerial Twitter account). It’s obvious he was trying to destroy evidence that could be used against him when hundreds of victims of the Emergencies Act sue the government for compensation. 

Recently we had the third court hearing in our case. And I was shocked to see that no-one less than the chief justice of the court himself was presiding — Justice Paul Crampton. I was blown away. That means the court is taking our lawsuit very seriously.

And, instead of a one-hour hearing as we expected, it turned into a full, four-hour clash. Our lawyers were outgunned, four to two. But we held our own and more. The judge said he needs a few days to go over everything before he issues a ruling.

I’m nervous but also a little bit hopeful — we’re seeking a court order banning Lametti from destroying his Twitter account (including his private direct messages to other cabinet ministers about martial law.) Remember, it was Lametti who wrote a private text message talking about sending out military tanks to confront the truckers.

I really think he’s trying to delete his private messages on his Twitter account, too. We’ll see what happens. But I know this already: Rebel News is the only force in the country trying to hold Lametti to account. 

Lametti himself has four lawyers, each of whom is being paid by Canadian taxpayers. Our two lawyers — Chad Williamson and Scott Nicol — are reasonably priced, but we have to cover the bill by ourself.

Not a single other group is in court with us. It’s just us trying to stop this shifty Trudeau man from getting away with breaking the law.

If you can help us by chipping in to Scott and Chad’s fees, please do —  you can read our entire lawsuit at (We chose that website name because obviously that’s what Lametti is trying to do here.” Thanks for your support. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a ruling — which I think could come as soon as Friday.

Do you think it’s important to try to hold Trudeau's minister to account? I do. But in court, it’s expensive. Please help us if you can, at I think Scott and Chad did great! I just hope the justice thinks so, too.

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