WATCH: Trudeau slammed by Poilevre over Chinese election interference

Prime Minister Trudeau and Conservative Leader Poilievre spar in the House of Commons over allegations of Chinese election interference.

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With each passing day, it seems like more and more information comes out relating to allegations of Chinese election meddling in Canada. As committees in Parliament begin trying to investigate — and the Liberals attempt to stall — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has taken to attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the issue in the House of Commons.

Following a heated exchange yesterday, the two squared off again during today's question period.

Speaking in French at first, Poilievre raised the issue of Chinese police stations set up in Canada and demanded Trudeau set a date for the creation of a foreign agent registry. The prime minister responded by saying that RCMP were investigating these apparent Beijing-backed police stations in Canada, and that his government would “take every measure necessary to protect Canadians from unacceptable actions by hostile authoritarian regimes.”

The Opposition leader then pointed out how donors linked to the Chinese Communist Party had gifted large sums to the Trudeau Foundation.

“You have to register if you want to lobby on behalf of the food bank,” Poilievre said. “But you don't have to register if you want to manipulate our democracy on behalf of a foreign dictatorship.”

In response, Trudeau pointed to Poilievre's time as a cabinet minister under former prime minister Stephen Harper.

“I'll take no lessons from a former minister of democratic institutions whose shining achievement was actually making it harder for Canadians to vote,” Trudeau retorted.

As more information unfolds about this scandal, Rebel News has been calling on Trudeau to fire the MP at the heart of this story, Han Dong. We even brought a billboard truck to his riding to raise awareness about this scandal.

Help us keep it on the road, and we'll bring it to some fun new locations. Make a donation here.

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