Andrew Lawton: Woke companies will no longer associate with Conservative politics

True North's Andrew Lawton joins Ezra Levant at the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference in Ottawa.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, True North Senior Journalist Andrew Lawton joined Ezra in Ottawa. The two discussed how corporate lobbying is no longer as prominent of a force at the annual Canada Strong and Free Networking conference as it has been in previous years. Mr. Lawton attributed this to companies going 'woke' and refusing to be affiliated with conservative politics.

As stated by Mr. Lawton, "I think there's been a big shift in just the political landscape. I mean one notable example back in those days was the level of corporate sponsorship here, you had all these big corporations, banks and airlines that were throwing some money behind it."

"And obviously I don't have access to any internal information, there are still some signs of corporate sponsorship, but corporations in general have gone so woke in the last few years in particular, and a lot of them do not want anything to do with conservatives," Mr. Lawton added.

He went on to say, "It's not that they don't want anything to do with politics, they don't want anything to do with conservative politics. And I think that has really re-oriented people in the right-of-centre movement, whether you're conservative or libertarian, that you have to go it alone and you have to be OK being the outliers and outcasts of society."

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