Trump campaign slams Biden's executive order easing residency for illegal immigrants

Biden's action was criticized for its potential consequences on crime, the taxpayers' burden, and social programs.

Trump campaign slams Biden's executive order easing residency for illegal immigrants
AP Photo/Andres Kudacki
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President Joe Biden's newly announced executive order, which affects approximately 500,000 illegal immigrants, has drawn sharp criticism from former President Donald Trump's campaign.

Biden's executive order streamlines the residency application for around 500,000 illegal immigrants married to U.S. citizens and 50,000 noncitizen children under 21 with a parent married to a U.S. citizen. 

The action, considered the most significant step toward amnesty for illegal immigrants since Obama's DACA program in 2012, has been met with concerns about its potential impact on crime, taxpayer costs, and social programs.

Karoline Leavitt, Trump campaign national press secretary, issued a statement highlighting recent criminal cases involving illegal immigrants, including the murder of a mother of five in Maryland and the rape of a teenage girl in New York City.

“This week, we learned an illegal alien from El Salvador who Crooked Joe Biden allowed into our country murdered a mother of five while she was on a run in Maryland, and we learned an illegal alien from Ecuador tied up and raped a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint in broad daylight,” said Leavitt. 

“But Biden doesn’t care about the American lives that will forever be destroyed by the illegal criminals he is importing; and Biden doesn’t care that law-abiding taxpayers, crushed by inflation, are forced to pay for free food, housing, and healthcare for illegals,” Leavitt added. “Biden only cares about one thing — power — and that’s why he is giving mass amnesty and citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegals who he knows will ultimately vote for him and the Open Border Democrat Party.”

The campaign spokesperson argued that Biden's mass amnesty plan will serve as an invitation for further illegal immigration, potentially draining programs that Americans have paid into throughout their working lives. Leavitt emphasized that law-abiding taxpayers, already struggling with inflation, should not be forced to cover the costs of free food, housing, and healthcare for illegal immigrants.

In response to the arrest of Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, a 25-year-old illegal immigrant from Ecuador suspected of raping a teenage girl in Queens, former President Trump expressed his disbelief, stating that such incidents rarely happened in the past.

“I grew up right near there,” the former president said. “Something like this was unthinkable years ago — unthinkable.”

Trump attributed the change to what he called "Biden migrants," claiming that they are flooding the country, cities, and states.

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