Tucker Carlson slams Australia's authoritarian Covid-19 lockdowns

Speaking on his Australian tour, Tucker Carlson calls for accountability over strict lockdowns and calls out the nation's shocking immigration rates.

Tucker Carlson slams Australia's authoritarian Covid-19 lockdowns
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Tucker Carlson has unloaded on the nation's pandemic lockdowns and immigration policies. The former Fox News host, appalled by Australia's strict Covid-19 measures, called for those responsible to be held accountable.

"Putting your own citizens in concentration camps is insane and I hope the people who did that go to jail for it," Carlson said in a recent interview with Australian media.

When asked about former Victorian premier Dan Andrews, who was nicknamed 'Dictator Dan' for his severe lockdown policies, Carlson responded:

"I think anybody who puts his own citizens in concentration camps without trial has committed a crime and should be held accountable for it."

Carlson further expressed his disbelief that this issue isn't a significant topic of public conversation in Australia:

"I can't believe the people who did it have gotten away with it," he added.

Invited by mining billionaire Clive Palmer to the Australian Freedom Conference, Carlson also criticised Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's handling of immigration.

Recent data revealed a record 500,000 migrants, including many students, will enter Australia this year, averaging 60 new arrivals every hour.

"I can't stand it when foreigners come to my country and start lecturing me about politics and I'm really trying not to do that," Carlson admitted. "But you want a government in a democratic society to put its own citizens first... and any politician who's committed to mass immigration is not serving his own population."

Carlson labelled mass immigration policies as an "expression of hatred toward their own people," arguing that such policies hurt existing residents.

He also warned about China's growing influence in the region, suggesting Australians should be concerned about potential loss of sovereignty to China.

"China is the dominant power in the region and obviously has a great deal of control already over your politics," he warned.

Carlson also showed his admiration for Aussies, describing them as "the funniest, warmest, interesting, cool people."

He urged Aussies to resist "wokeism," claiming it promotes racial hatred, which he deems immoral.

"It doesn't make you a white supremacist to demand to be treated as a human being," he added.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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