Tucker Carlson SLAMS big tech for censorship and election manipulation

Tucker Carlson SLAMS big tech for censorship and election manipulation
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Tucker Carlson has blasted “Big Tech” for the censoring of conservative voices, aiding the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential election.

Carlson ripped into the Democrats for politicizing the coronavirus pandemic.

"Democrats used our public health emergency for nakedly partisan ends. They punished Trump supporters for trying to gather but they exempted their own activists, rioters, and vandals from BLM and Antifa from the COVID lockdowns entirely," Carlson declared.

The restrictions imposed by Democratic leaders throughout the country "crushed American small businesses, the heart of the Republican Party," he added.

"And yet they made their own donors fantastically richer," he added, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos witnessed the greatest growth in his wealth—making more than $70 billion during the pandemic, according to Business Insider.

Carlson continued: "Then Democrats used the coronavirus to change our system of voting. They vastly increased the number of mail-in ballots, because they knew their candidates would benefit from less secure voting. And they were right."

"They used the courts to neutralize the Republican Party's single most effective get-out-the-vote operation, which for generations had been the National Rifle Association.”

Calling out the media for its one-sided reporting, Carlson noted that "not enough has been written about this, but anyone on the ground saw it."

Carlson pointed out that due to legal harassment from the progressive left, the National Rifle Association, which has contributed to major victories for Republicans, played a vastly reduced role in getting voters to turn out in swing states like Pennsylvania during the 2020 election with in-person voting.

"Democrats harnessed the power of Big Tech to win this election" as "virtually all news and all information in the English-speaking world travels through a single company: Google," he stated.

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, conservatives have faced harassment and censorship by leftists.

"If you use technology to censor the ideas that people are allowed to express online, ultimately you control how the population votes. And that’s exactly what they did," Carlson concluded. "They rigged the election in front of all of us and nobody did anything about it.”

Carlson’s Monday monologue was shared by President Trump and widely retweeted before Twitter added a notification informing viewers that the information was in “dispute.”

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  • By David Menzies

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