WATCH: Tucker Carlson talks to Jeremy Loffredo about feds targeting Amish farmers

Federal agents are taking aim at an Amish farm in rural Pennsylvania. Jeremy Loffredo explains what's happening to Tucker Carlson.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited Rebel News USA reporter Jeremy Loffredo to be a guest on his top-rated show to discuss the U.S. government's targeting of an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania.

Loffredo has been covering the story for Rebel News at

The farm in question is Miller's Organic Farm, located in a remote Amish village in a Lancaster County. The farm, run by Amos Miller, has been around for 30 years and prepares food in accordance to Miller's religious beliefs.

Armed federal agents raided the farm and demanded Miller cease operations. Miller is now facing fines totalling more than $300,000 and even possible jail time — all for simply exercising his religious freedom to grow food the way he believes.

To show your support for Miller's Organic Farm, sign our petition at and demand the federal authorities stop persecuting this Amish farmer.

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