UPDATE: Fight is still on to end vaccine passports in the United Kingdom

No doubt we've had a significant victory in England — but there's still Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland we need to help.

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Boris Johnson has announced recently that from the 27th of January 2022, he will lift COVID restrictions in England.

This includes compulsory mask-wearing, compulsory vaccine passports, work-from-home orders and changes to self-isolation.

I am reminding the people who have signed or have yet to sign that I will still fulfill my promise on delivering these signatures to Downing Street and that the fight is NOT over yet — we still have Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to help.

Sign my petition and let's get rid of vaccine passports in the United Kingdom.

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  • By Lewis Brackpool

PETITION: No Vaccine Passports in the United Kingdom

8,290 signatures
Goal: 10,000 Signatures

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