Vaccine passports are coming to Ontario

Proof of vaccination status will soon be required to access "non-essential businesses" such as restaurants, gyms, and other indoor settings.

Vaccine passports are coming to Ontario
The Canadian Press / Chris Young
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After promising that Ontario would not implement a mandatory proof of vaccination certificate, Doug Ford's provincial government appears to be going back on its word as an Ontario vaccine passport is reportedly on its way.

The Toronto Sun reports that a provincial announcement initially scheduled for today has been delayed, but that the province's vaccine passport is nonetheless forthcoming.

According to a "senior Progressive Conservative source," proof of vaccination status will soon be required to access "non-essential businesses" such as restaurants, gyms, and other indoor settings.  

"... the plan will see the current paper or digital receipt be used as proof of vaccination alongside government-issued identification over the first month of the campaign. Within about a month the province will develop and deploy a QR code that will still require government identification. The hope is to have an app up and running by sometime in the fall that will combine proof of vaccination and government ID, allowing users to simply show a green checkmark to show that they are fully vaccinated."

In July, Doug Ford was asked whether his government would implement a proof of vaccination system in Ontario. He replied, "no, we aren't doing it, simple as that... the answer is no, we aren't going to do it, we aren't going to have a split society."

Ontario's Solicitor General Sylvia Jones made a similar statement in July, assuring Ontarians that the province would not be introducing a vaccine passport for its residents.

Premier Ford has since been facing mounting pressure to create a vaccine passport system, with Toronto Mayor John Tory and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau both calling for vaccine passports to be implemented in Ontario.

Prime Minister Trudeau said on August 27,

"Already Premier Horgan and Premier Legault have stepped up and I certainly hope that here in Ontario Premier Ford steps up as well. It's time for him to listen to public health officials and leaders. We'll be ready when he does."

Do you oppose the use of vaccine passports in Canada? Go to to sign our petition, share with us your forced vaccination story and donate to help fund our legal battles against vaccine passports across Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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