Vax Justice group raises vaccine awareness that mainstream media refuses to show

Group of individuals and doctors tour across Canada to spread awareness on the COVID vaccine.

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On October 26, Rebel News attended an event hosted by a group called Vax Justice. This group works to raise awareness about vaccines that the mainstream media and so-called “health experts” refuse to show to the public and desperately try to censor online.

Their mission statement is to stop-heal-investigate. Their first goal is to stop vaccination efforts by the government, and then their equal concern is to ensure that those who have been injured, receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

And lastly, they are dedicated to ensuring that a proper investigation is conducted to determine the extent of deaths and injuries.

This group is on a bus tour making their way across Canada to spread their efforts and make an impact. I went out to one of their events to get some more information on their purpose, who they are, and the message they are spreading.

I couldn’t help but notice the large crowd that had gathered at this presentation to hear Doctors speak, such as Dr. Charles Hoff, Dr. Eric Payne, and Dr. Stephen Malthouse. Some gathered to learn more about the dangers of the vaccine, others to spread awareness, and even some who have suffered from injury themselves.

It was a great experience to have been able to listen to professional Doctors speak on information that they have gathered.

All that information shined a light on the flaws and showed cautions of the COVID vaccination that you won’t get to hear from Dr. Tam or Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

They explored the COVID vaccine up until it’s very structure and how it scientifically effects the body on a cellular level. 

Our government is still pushing in its efforts to censor the truth and shut down independent journalism. 

To help fight back against Trudeau’s censorship bills and help Doctors such as those who attended this event to keep getting the other side of the story out, please visit

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  • By Ezra Levant

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