Vax pass enforcement at Poilievre event frustrates potential supporters in Vancouver

More than 1,000 people packed the Croatian Cultural Centre on April 7, one day before British Columbia's vaccine passport law was set to expire.

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With five months to go until the Conservative Party of Canada crowns its new leader on September 10, 2022, many contenders have picked up their pace on the campaign trail.

Last week, I was on scene to cover two of MP Pierre Poilievre’s campaign stops in British Columbia.

The first was a meet in greet with campus conservatives at the University of British Columbia, where we asked Poilievre to elaborate on his vision for Canada to be the “blockchain capital of the world” and whether that would include a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and a China-like social credit system.

In this report, you’ll get an up-close look at what occurred last Thursday evening, where over 1,000 people packed Vancouver’s Croatian Cultural Centre to hear from the MP, including the controversial checking of vaccine passports that initially turned away some of Poilievre's potential voters, who don’t participate in the system of segregation.

In recent months, Poilievre has adamantly spoken out against the loss of civil liberties in Canada due to divisive COVID-19 mandates to the point that one Conservative competitor, Jean Charest, has held his support for Canada’s Freedom Convoy against him stating his belief that it “disqualifies him from leadership.”

A statement to Rebel News from Poilievre about the Canadians who were rejected at the beginning of event due to not presenting proof of vaccination reads:

The venue that we rented made a decision to enforce the province’s mandate. My position on vaccine mandates has been crystal clear: Drop the mandates. Drop them all, and drop them now. Give people back their freedom.  I look forward to being able to see everyone — including those who unfortunately had to miss out yesterday —  at my future events in B.C. regardless of their personal health decisions.

The province of B.C. ended their vaccine passport on April 8 at 12:01am, just four hours after the event took place. The Ottawa-area MP went on to do at least four more campaign events in B.C. after the mandate dropped.

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