Veterans speak out against DEI, Chinese influence and warn that Canada is at war

Veterans ask that they not be forgotten, but it has become far worse than that — they are being discarded.

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Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members understand that serving their nation can at times mean putting their lives, limbs and mental health on the line. What they ask in return for this formidable sacrifice is that when they return from duty, we do not forget them.

All they ask is that Canada holds up its end of the deal, which is a small price to pay considering what some of our veterans go through. A price, that according to Justin Trudeau and company, is “more than Canada can give right now”.

Veterans ask that they not be forgotten, but it has become far worse than that  they are being discarded.

A Veterans Affairs Canada employee offered four veterans Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) instead of getting them the help they needed.

And it isn’t only veterans getting a raw deal, current CAF members are ill equipped and underfunded, with a national defence report recently suggesting that half of the military’s equipment is unserviceable.

Despite immense public support to properly fund our armed forces, not to mention international pressure for Trudeau to meet his NATO target defence spending, Trudeau simply refuses to do right by our service men and women.

I was on location at Legacy Place in Red Deer, Alberta, where Canadians for Truth, in collaboration with Veterans for Freedom, hosted an event where veterans were actually being listened to, unlike what we see from many politicians Ottawa, as they discussed issues both within and beyond the military that are shaping Canada's future from a perspective only they can provide.

We spoke with veterans at the event and discussed a wide range of topics including the Freedom Convoy, the poor treatment of armed forces personnel both serving and retired, the dangerous advancement of woke DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) politics in the military and the immense foreign influence war being waged against Canadians by China and other globalist interest groups.

For those who were unable to attend the event, the informative presentations we heard throughout the day will be published soon at

To any veterans or armed forces members reading this, God bless you and thank you for your service. Ottawa may have turned its back on you, but us Canadians will always have your six.

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