Victorian union crowdfunds 'anti-hate' sticker campaign

Members concerned over deepening disconnect between workers and politicised management

Victorian union crowdfunds 'anti-hate' sticker campaign
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Victoria's union movement has launched a politically-charged plan to whitewash what it calls 'far-right and conspiracy theory propaganda' it claims is being plastered throughout Melbourne streets.

In an email to members, the Victorian Trades Hall Council, which represents 500,000 Victorian union members, called for donations to cover up the 'hateful messages' with its own stickers.

"With your help we can sticker-over the racism and transphobia with positive messages about solidarity and the real issues facing Victorians," the email read.

The latest action by the union has revealed a deepening disconnect between core members and union management, with some concerned about the increasing focus on wider social justice and identity politics instead of more practical working conditions and protecting workers' rights.

The highly-politicised email, forwarded to Rebel News by concerned workers, informs members that the messages 'aim to promote fear and division and undermine trust in our democratic institutions – and our public health measures'.

However, the union says it has chosen not to show evidence to support its claims, which has led to some concerned that members are being 'gaslit' into adopting more radical left-wing positions without genuine cause.

"We’ve chosen not to show you any examples because hate doesn’t need any amplification – but we’re seeing more and more of it in Victoria’s marginal seats ahead of the election," the memo states.

The disconnect between workers on the ground and union head honchos came to a head last year during the Covid-19 pandemic when hundreds of tradies stormed CFMEU headquarters after it failed to stand up against vaccine mandates. 

In an extraordinary move, the CFMEU responded by blaming the protest on a 'mob of far-right Nazis' instead of acknowledging the anger of thousands of CFMEU construction workers.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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