VIEWERS REACT: CBC show breaks COVID rules, cops don't care

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In case you missed it, Rebel reporter David Menzies was charged for covering an anti-lockdown protest in Peterborough, Ontario hosted by independent MPP Randy Hillier and People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier.

After receiving a charge for these apparently egregious actions, David returned to Peterborough after being tipped off about the CBC filming an episode of Murdoch Mysteries in the city. As it so happened, the cast and crew were violating many of the same rules that David was accused of, so he felt it necessary to inform the local police of these ongoing offences.

Alas, it was another instance of one rule for me and one rule for thee. 

You can catch up with that story and help fund David's legal battle at

On last week's edition of Rebel Roundup, David shared viewers opinions on this double standard when it comes to COVID enforcement.

One viewer, James B, pointed out how there seemed to be a double standard inside the Peterborough police station itself:

Anyone notice the cops were not wearing masks inside the cop station?

Another viewer, Firstpo JKH, who is a new Rebel News watcher, decided to look past the mainstream narrative, and give Rebel a chance:

I used to avoid Rebel News because I was always taught that you were racists and fake news. Now I realize that the people who were telling me that are the real racists and fake news. Keep doing what you are doing Rebel News. You guys are a national treasure.

We couldn't continue to bring you the other side of the story if it wasn't for all of our loyal viewers, so the support is much appreciated.

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