VIEWERS REACT: Media silent on alleged planned attack against Iranian protesters

'Agents of this regime, who literally have blood on their hands, are in Canada right now,' said David Menzies.

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies read viewers' reactions to the alarming story of an alleged planned attack against peaceful protesters demonstrating against the Iranian regime.

As previously reported by Rebel News, demonstrators in Thornhill, ON were protesting against a mosque with alleged ties to the Iranian regime when a counter-protester reportedly drove an SUV aggressively in the direction of the demonstrators.

Here is David Menzies' previous report on the incident:

A viewer named Roy chimed in on the incident writing, "This terrorist is NOT Iranian/Persian himself, his name isn't Persian and he doesn't look Persian. He's Arab, from Iraq/Lebanon. David, you should have made this point clear. This isn't an isolated event where Islamic Republic of Iran uses foreign Islamic attack dogs against its opposition, in Iran and abroad."

Another viewer commented on authorities' response to the alleged planned attack writing, "One night in jail??? They held Tamara Lich for 49 days!"

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