WATCH: Habs fans celebrate sweeping win against Winnipeg Jets in Montreal

WATCH: Habs fans celebrate sweeping win against Winnipeg Jets in Montreal
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Montreal Canadiens fans took to the streets after sweeping the series against the Winnipeg jets.

Unlike with the Toronto Maple Leafs, when it took seven games for the Habs to win the playoff round, the Montreal team managed to sweep the Jets completely and win in game four. 

Canadiens fans in front of the Bell Centre celebrated as the Habs won 3-2 in overtime. 

Some fans celebrated by lighting fireworks as crowds and police looked on.

The crowds in front of the Bell Centre chanted "Carey, Carey, Carey," after Carey Price, who the Canadiens’ goalie. 

At some point a few people tried to flip over a police van, at which point the police moved in and started dispersing the crowd. 

The Montreal police kept sending fans in different directions to keep crowd sizes smaller and to eventually get everyone to leave the area. 

Masks and social distancing were not respected, but I didn't see anyone too bothered over it. As long as it's not a freedom rally, you can't catch COVID, I guess?

Is this police officer a Rebel News fan? I guess we’ll never know. 

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