WATCH: Reactions to the WHO Pandemic Treaty with Lewis Brackpool

Rebel News' Lewis Brackpool travelled across England to hear what residents had to say about the WHO's proposed pandemic treaty as well as the impact of the WEF.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Rebel News reporter Lewis Brackpool to discuss his recent trip across England to gain insight into residents' perspectives regarding the WHO's proposed pandemic treaty as well as the impact of the WEF on society.

Reactions varied greatly across the country, and as Lewis explained, "Strangely though, the place with the most reception, and the place with the most people who were engaging, was, in fact, Derby. It was the birth of the industrial revolution, which was very insightful, and obviously, we're probably expecting a fourth one very soon.

But Derby was very interesting, over in the north of England, a lot of people were coming out, and you know, were very hesitant about the WEF and what they want to be implementing and how they're reorganizing the world. Even one person off the street mentioned the Great Reset, which took me by surprise."

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