WATCH: Sydney Sheikh QUITS Liberal party over vaccine mandates

Islamic community leader has had ENOUGH of his community being divided

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Sheikh Mohamad Hbous is undoubtedly a person of influence in his community.

As the president of The Islamic Association Of Ali Alayhe As-Salam, community support person with Liverpool police and a justice of the peace in NSW he connects to parts of the community beyond the leafy inner-city Sydney suburbs.

When NSW police came knocking on the door of Le Montage, pressuring venue owners to shut down the Freedom Ball, he decided to cut ties with the Liberals, where was a representative for his local area.

"The Liberal party and the Labor party, they're scared for a new party to come in and we support a new party for freedom for Australia," he said.
"We're worried about what was going on everywhere around the world, not only in Australia, Lebanon and Australia."

I interviewed him at the Freedom Ball in Sydney last weekend, where the event went off without a hitch after the venue was changed at the last minute.

Watch NSW police show up to Westella Renaissance to put pressure on the new venue:

He also explained that the tyrannical government policies were having a real impact on his community, including his family.

"I got my grandson, yesterday he got sacked from (his) job because he doesn't like to take vaccine," he said.

"Too many people like my grandson, what (does the) government expect these people to do. To be drug dealers? To be on the street?

"Supposed to leave them alone, you know what I mean?"

Hbous also highlighted the importance of various communities coming together to stand up for freedom, a point perfectly illustrated by the diversity of backgrounds by attendees at the Freedom Ball, which the mainstream media continues to falsely label as 'far-right white nationalist' movement.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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