WATCH: This is how my uncle survived Gaza to be bombed in Israel

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I'm so sick of people telling me how they love my work but that I need to educate myself on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

I didn't realise people sitting in the safety and comfort of their homes in Melbourne or Sydney understand the situation better than me; when I'm the one that's lived there, served in the military there, and my mum, grandma, uncles, aunties, cousins, siblings, nephews and nieces, pretty much most of my family still live there.

So today, I'm going to do something a little different; I'm going to share just one of my family's stories, their reality that I believe sums up what's happening right now.

In 2005 my uncle Yossi, my mother's brother, his wife, and five kids were forcibly evicted from their home in Gaza by the Israeli government, ironically in a land for peace deal with the Palestinians.

The government took their family home and my uncle's farm; they lost everything my uncle built.

The Israeli government dumped my family in a little caravan, almost penniless, left to restart their lives.

But that entire time, my uncle didn't resent the Palestinians. Instead, he kept up his connection with those who used to work for him on their farm in Gaza.

Today, 16 years on, my uncle rebuilt his farms from scratch in undisputed Israeli territory.

Meanwhile, Gaza was taken over by the terrorist organisation Hamas that shares a near-identical charter to ISIS. And now, they're not cultivating my uncle's farm to feed hungry Palestinians in the Gaza strip; no, they're using it to fire thousands of rockets indiscriminately at Israeli homes, including my uncle's new farm.

In summary, my family lost everything in Israel's quest for peace with their Palestinian neighbours. But instead of getting that peace, they're getting rockets.

Thankfully, my uncle, like Israel, doesn't give up easily. He persevered and rebuilt his business. And he's not going to give it all up again because some people who haven't lived a day in his life on the other side of the world think he should.

So, whether you like it or not, my uncle and Israel are here to stay. And if you want to advocate "freeing Palestine", start with freeing them from Hamas.

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