WATCH: Unhinged HR recruiter goes on anti-freedom tirade

'We hate you so much, and you think we can't do anything? But we can, we have the power — always.'

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, David Menzies filled in to discuss an eye-opening rant purportedly shared by a human resources recruiter from Burlington, Ontario.

The woman predominantly focused the wrath of her tirade on participants of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, sarcastically referring to them as "freedom fighters" who "set up hot tubs in Ottawa."

As stated in the video by Tammy Sepetis, "If you're looking for a job or maybe trying to keep a job, maybe, just maybe think about what you're putting on social media — again, freedom fighters, I know you're not really big with stats and, you know, facts aren't your thing — but what I can tell you, what is a fact, is that recruiters talk, and recruiters, like the majority of Canada, don't agree with you.

Do you know what that means? Do have any guesses? Any guesses what that means? What that means is that if you need a job, you might not get one; if you want to keep a job, you might not get to do that...

You want to be an a--hole? We document it. We give you a couple tries, then what do we do? We terminate you, with cause, if we're so lucky; if not, we give you the minimum allowed by law. Either way, best of luck to you."

The woman went on to exclaim, “We hate you so much, and you think we can't do anything? But we can, we have the power — always. Remember that. It doesn't matter if there's a f--king man at the top of your HR department, it's run by women. And it's run by angry women just like me.”

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