WATCH: What REALLY happened at Freedom Camp

The media went all out to paint me as the bad guy when it turns out they were actually white-knighting for one

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Do you want to hear a good knock-knock joke?

An accusation of knocking on an elderly lady’s door late at night led to Twitter trolls and their lackeys in the far-left media lining up a typical hit job on me.

The aftermath was widely shared with glee by the trolls and haters, but the jokes on them.

They only showed you one side of the story.

I wasn't going to make this video today. I was going to ignore what happened because I don't think it's helpful to distract from the efforts of the vast majority of peaceful protesters who have headed to Canberra over the past few weeks.

But at Rebel News, when the media wants to show you one side of the story, we'll show you the other so you know exactly what happened.

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