WEF director claims Canadians should focus on other concerns, not 'conspiracy theories'

A senior official at the World Economic Forum recently explained that Canada should be focused on 'bigger issues,' rather than conspiracy theories about his organization in Geneva.

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On yesterday's live stream, Ezra examined a recent CBC Radio interview with WEF Managing Director Adrian Monck, during which the official essentially scolded Canadians for focusing on "conspiracy theories" about his organization rather than more pressing issues.

Speaking about the WEF's managing director, Ezra stated, "He said there should be a 'protected conversation,' where you're not allowed to talk about things that he doesn't think you should. And he's very specific, he says Canada should not be talking about the World Economic Forum, and he says all of this is in the interest of democracy."

Ezra went on to discuss the CBC Radio interview saying in part, "What was incredible is she asked, 'well, what about this video where you say you'll own nothing and be happy?' And Adrian Monck says, 'yeah, that was something we did.' 'Well, what about The Great Reset? That's a conspiracy theory.' 'Well yeah that was a project...' So every question she had wasn't 'no that's fake,' it was confirmed."

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